Aluminum Cladding Curtain Wall

Aluminum Cladding Curtain Wallare processed from high-quality aluminum plates. With PVDF coating on the surface, the panels are protected from UV, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric erosion. Aluminum wall panels perform excellently at anti-bending and anti-wind pressure, which makes it conducive to working and secondary development.

  The aluminum wall panels have many advantages, such as light specific weight, high strength, waterproof, anti-fouling, fire prevention, corrosion prevention, good processing performance, low maintenance cost, and a long service life.

  Aluminum wall panels can be processed into a variety of arcs and contours, and the surface can be sprayed into varying colors, forming all sorts of beautiful patterns on the wall. The combinations of aluminum wall panels and glass curtain wall or other materials make the building become more noble and elegant.


· Lightweight, good rigidity and intensity.

· Good weather ability and good corrosion resistance.

· Easy for processing. It can be shaped to different forms, such as the plane, cambered plane, spherical plane after processing and coating.

· Strong earthquake resistance and fireproof.

· High resistance to moisture and corrosion.

· Coating uniform, varied color choices.

· Not easy to stain, convenient to clean and maintain.

· Easy for installation and cost-effective.

· Recyclable, friendly to the environment.

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